Tax Preparation

We aim to get your taxes filed as painlessly as possible

Tax Filing

We serve individual tax payers, small business owners (LLCs, S Corps, C Corps) and non-profit organizations across the country.

Since we are based in California, the state with which we have the most experience is CA, though we have worked with customers who have filing requirements in many different states, including but not limited to: OR, ID, MT, MA, NY, NJ, ME


Frequently Asked Questions

Prices varies for each customer as each customer's tax profile is unique.  The invoice we'll send you once you approve of the final draft of the return will be based on the forms needed and overall complexity.

The typical price range for CA residents a married couple with two children, both parents have W2 income and together they hold an investment portfolio is $300-$500.

At the low end of price range would be a NV resident with only one W2 who get the standard deduction. The cost for this is around $200

Filing requirements in multiple states

Sole proprietorship income

Rental property income

Selling your primary residence

Selling your investment property

1031 Exchanges

Child and Dependent care expenses

Itemizing your deductions

Open another tab in your browser and type in the address bar:

No, you can drop off your information at our office. Though by using the customer portal to exchange info and sign documents, the more efficiently your return can be filed

Here are the steps involved in getting your tax return filed

Step 1

Initial Consult

For new customers we'll get introduced and you'll provide basic info to get started

Step 2

Information Exchange

You'll provide us with all your info and we'll process it and create your tax return

Step 3


We'll send you a review draft for you to look over, and we'll make sure we agree that all line items are correct

Last Step


We will file your return with the appropriate agencies and sed you an invoice for services rendered